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Jane Gillespie 

reiki and energetic worker

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Jane is our in house Reiki Practitioner, who is Usui Reiki II certified. She is supporting energetic & emotional wellness through Alight Well at Wildflower Wellness Studio.


Originally from Alstonville, Jane has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support clients here at Wildflower with her all encompassing Reiki sessions. She is a qualified Naturopath and has over 19 years of experience working within the natural health industry. She has recently completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology in 2021 and is currently working towards specialising in holistic mental health support.


Jane works with Reiki as a strategy for energetic & emotional wellness. Utilising her skilled energy work, her sessions are highly supportive to your health journey and leave you feeling lighter & more peaceful in self - physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Reiki can be consciously subtle, it can involve hands on the body or within the energetic field and involves assessment and the supportive guidance of the energetic centres, known as the chakras. In her sessions Jane draws on her inner wisdom and teachings that includes the work of Australian Bush Flower Essences, crystal energy work, essential oils and sound clearings.


A session with, Jane, is sure to have you feeling supported, heard, held and leaving you in a deep state of peace.

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What is Reiki...

The traditional form of Reiki is from Usui lineage originating from Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. It is energy work focusing on the whole-self including body, mind, and spirit. A Reiki practitioner follows the natural intelligence of the biofield to balance frequency, which can manifest physically, mentally, and spiritually in many ways including emotions.

Reiki with Alight Well at
Wildflower Wellness Studio

jane is available on saturdays at wildflower

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all bookings can be made directly with her 

call or text -

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