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Wildflower Wellness Studio, Alstonville Chiropractor.

Wildflower Wellness Studio is the home to Dr. Kayli Manner, Wholistic Chiropractor & Kinesiologist.  Formally known as Alstonville Chiropractic Centre, Wildflower is your go to Chiropractor & Kinesiologist near you! Located in beautiful Alstonville, NSW, set just in the hills south of Byron Bay and conveniently located between Ballina & Lismore to serve you and your loved ones with high quality care.

Like wildflowers, our health journey is unique as is Dr. Kayli's approach to caring for her clients.  She specialises in individual care that is designed specifically for you and your wellbeing.  She goes above and beyond with her clients; taking time with them, listening to them and caring for them with a professional, highly knowledgable & intuitive wholistic approach to ensure they feel good and function well. 

Wildflower Wellness Studio is on a mission

to grow a healthier & happier community!

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Dr. Kayli Manner

alstonville wholistic chiropractor and kinesiologist

I, Dr. Kayli, believe we are all unique, as is our health journey & here at Wildflower Wellness Studio I am thrilled to share my art of effective & caring wholistic chiropractic & kinesiology care!


Having a thirst for knowledge has allowed me to gain a wealth of teachings and a number of techniques that I have fused together to create an all encompassing approach to rewiring and restructuring the body with a wholistic approach.  Working directly with the nervous system and on all aspects of health: physical, emotional, chemical and energetic you are sure to feel lighter and brighter after each adjustment!


I graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic & the University of Calgary, Canada. I have over 17 years of experience in the chiropractic & health industry and have worked & studied along side some incredible people over the years.  Coupling my gift of strong intuition with my wealth of knowledge and technical skill you & your loved ones will receive exceptional compassionate quality care to transform you and your life for the better! 


Dr. Kayli's Wildflower Wellness Approach 

We are an adaptation of life, as our biography writes our biology, and effects how we feel and function in the world.  My wholistic chiropractic & kinesiology approach peels back the layers of life and stress, whether it be physical, emotional, chemical or energetic, that has accumulated over time.

Chiropractic is an all natural approach to health and wellbeing.  It looks to the spine and nervous system for areas of subluxation (misalignment)  that affect the brain and body connection and how well you are functioning.  These misalignments are due to the accumulation of stress, as previously discussed.  By adjusting the spine and nervous system, it allows the body to function as best it can physically, while impacting the emotional body, the chemistry of the body and the energetic body. 

Drawing on a number of Kinesiology techniques it allows me to dive deeper into toning the nervous system, rewiring the emotional body, balancing the energetic body and investigating the chemistry of the body for an imbalances.

My unique Wildflower Wellness Approach is all  encompassing; allowing you to feel good and function well within your big beautiful world! 

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We love our Wildflower Wellness Studio.

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Your journey at Wildflower Wellness Studio

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Plant your seeds of Change!


How well are you functioning?

How do you want to to feel?

Are you lacking energy? 

Are you in pain? 

Do you feel your emotions are exhausting you?

Begin your health journey at Wildflower Wellness Studio with your initial consultation with Dr. Kayli.  This is an extended appointment designed to allow her to get to know you and your unique health journey and needs.  She will take an extensive health history understanding why you are functioning the way you are. 

Experience what wholistic chiropractic & kinesiology has to offer you!


You are naturally designed to live well and adapt to your environment.   Our bodies and nervous system become wired up as it accumulates different stressors, which come from physical stress to the body, mental / emotional stress, chemical stress and energetic stress.


By adjusting the spine and nervous system, your body begins to unwind and restore its power and ability to heal, adapt and thrive in life!

Flourish into the person you want to be!


People often report that they wish they had known about chiropractic, kinesiology & Dr. Kayli's approach long before discovering it and choose to make it part of their wellbeing routine.

Why not...

Be filled with energy...

Move better...

Think clearer...

Sleep deeper...

Be happier...

Deal with stress better...

Adapt to life better...

And make better life choices from a sound body and mind...

Live as nature intented!

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