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Dr. Kayli's Wildflower Wellness Wholistic Approch

We are an adaptation of life, our biography writes our biology, and effects who we are and how we feel and function in the world.

Chiropractic is an all natural approach to health and wellbeing.  It looks to the spine and nervous system for areas of subluxation (misalignment) that affect the brain and body connection.  These misalignments are due to the accumulation of stress over time, whether it be physical, emotional, chemical or energetic.  By adjusting the spine and nervous system, it allows the body to function as best it can physically, while impacting the emotional body, the chemistry of the body and the energetic body.

Dr. Kayli uses Sacro-Occipital Technic (SOT) primarily due to its effective nature to physically unwind the body.  Not only does this technique allow her to adjust the spine back into alignment manually and with the Activator or by hand, but it also allows her to access the connection from your brain, through your nervous system to your organs (liver, stomach, heart, lungs) to be sure they are functioning at their best.  SOT addresses the stress and tension held in the cranium (skull) as well, which not only feels great when being adjusted, but brings stimulation and balance to the brain and body connection.  More information available here: SOT

Drawing on a number of Kinesiology techniques and utilising muscle testing it allows her to dive deeper into toning the nervous system, rewiring the emotional body, balancing the energetic body and investigating the chemistry of the body for an imbalances.

Dr. Kayli’s passionate about ones emotional wellbeing and certainly has a niche with unwinding emotional conflicts from the past or current, by utilising Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).  More information on NET available here. 

Total Body Modification (TBM) is also utilised by Dr. Kayli, which brings even further balance to the nervous system and ensures that there is sound communication between organs, systems and structure. 

Lastly she draws on her vials, which through muscle testing can indicate the following:

  • Food intolerances that could be causing chronic inflammation

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Imbalances in the production of neurotransmitters: dopamine & serotonin - feel good transmitters - and melatonin - sleep-well transmitter

  • Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites

  • Imbalances in the immune system

  • Unhealthy attachments and energies that have been emptied.

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Yes - Dr. Kayli works with babies and children! 

She has gone on to do further studies in caring for bubs, kids and teens.  Adjusting the young is much different than how she approaches adults.  Through gentle adjustments she addresses any imbalances or subluxations linked to the spine and nervous system, which if left unaddressed can potentially affect one's growth and development.  She recommends that children be checked from birth as the birthing process alone can be very stressful to bubs, placing their spine and nervous system under a lot of pressure, which can effect their wellbeing.  She has techniques to be sure that bubs are able to latch well for feeding, digest with ease, sleep soundly, feels comfortable in their body and can cranial mould their skulls.

Kids & Chiropractic 


Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Dr. Kayli LOVES working with pregnant women! Chiropractic can do wonders for pregnancy! If you're in pain, feeling fatigued, emotional or nauseated adjustments can bring balance to both you and bubs.  The mother's nervous system is what coordinates the growth of bubs and therefore by being adjusted not only will you feel better, but you are ensured that your baby has the best opportunity to grow and develop well.  We offer special pregnancy pillows and techniques for your comfort. 





Begin your health journey at Wildflower Wellness Studio with your initial consultation.  This appointment is designed to allow her to get to know you and your unique health journey and needs. 


She will take an extensive health history to understand why you are functioning the way you are, followed by a physical exam taking a look at your posture, spine & nervous system to specifically locate areas of subluxations (misalignment) in the spine.  She will perform a number of functional tests (muscle testing) to see where further break downs in your system are, which may be affecting you and your wellbeing.  If needed, she will guide you for X-Rays or to another health care professional if deemed necessary. 


Dr. Kayli is passionate about designing a care plan for your unique health goals and needs - she cares for individuals as individuals.  This appointment also allows you to get to know what she does and includes your first adjustment and balance, if deemed safe.

Grow and transform with Wildflower Wellness Studio! Dr. Kayli is excited for you and your loved ones to experience the changes that her wholistic approach can offer and witnesses extraordinary changes on a daily basis! 


It is important to keep in mind that it has taken your body some time to arrive at its current state - your biography writes your biology - and it will take some time to unwind and rewire to being the best version of self.  However, this process is a lot quicker than one thinks.  People often report sleeping better, increased energy, better digestion, decreased pain, increased strength and overall sense of wellbeing within their initial stages of care. 

Flourish, stay well and be well! Wellness comes from the inside out and we invite our clients to flourish with regular care.  By allowing the spine and nervous system to be free of interference (subluxation), coupled with the emotional body balanced and appropriate supplements one can have a sound mind that they are giving themselves the best opportunity to thrive in life.  You deserve to feel good, function well, just as nature intended! 

Your Journey at Wildflower Wellness Studio 

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